Cindy texted me at the end of the shift and then she told me to give her a half hour before calling her. I did and she gave me directions to her house. She didn’t have the heart to do it in her own bed, so she took me to the downstairs guest room. In fact, it was bigger than my apartment and had a nice full size bed. We

Maddy Perez was mad that she was being sent to her uncle’s house for the summer. She lived in the country in the middle of nowhere. Cell phone reception was terrible, they had no internet, and the house itself was over a hundred years old. All of her friends spent the summer between high school and college traveling to cool places, meanwhile she’d be lucky if the city had a

Rachel has changed more in the last three weeks than I could imagine, more and more interesting with the neighbors. After Rachel and I ate 4 with Randy and Dean, Kay stopped by to say thanks. I was tired of thinking Rachel must be too, but she and Kay talked for a while after I went to sex tube bed.A short time later, she showered and came in snuggling against

Cloud awoke from a long sleep in a haze of daze and confusion. His eyes had barely begun to open when they closed involuntarily in painful surprise. Wherever he was now, it was bright and sunny and warm. Nothing like the dark city of Midgar and the slums below it. He was not used to the brightness. Combined with his headache and nausea, it took him a while to adjust.

Then wonderful new levels of sexual pleasure for me as Lara brought me to orgasm with her tongue. Once, twice, three times while her man masturbated for me, or it was the three of us.“Can we do it again soon, Sarah? I would love to have your man and you could have mine,” Lara whispered as she escorted her and her man to her parking lot.“I’d love to soon, very

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